Measurement of Warm Feel or Cool Touch

TPS-EFFusivity Meter

The TPS-EFF is a portable meter for direct determination of thermal effusivity for textiles and other low effusivity materials, in accordance with ASTM D7984-16.

Effect of Compression

Determine effusivity for compressible materials with our new compression stand.

TPS-EFFusivity Meter

Driving Comfort

driving comfort thermal effusivity

Use thermal effusivity to select materials that are comfortable, regardless of the season.

Cool Side of the Pillow

cool side mattress thermal effusivity

Thermal Effusivity is used to determine materials that can hold the cool effect in mattresses and pillows.

Perform your best

perform your best thermal effusivity

Outdoor apparel is heavily reliant on the measurement of effusivity to determine performance, especially critical for cold temperature exposure.

sleep industry

Sleep Industry

Sleep products such as mattresses, pillows, or linens rely on thermal effusivity measurements to help manufacture cozier products.

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Automotive interiors use effusivity to determine the best materials that help create a comfortable experience for the driver and passengers.


Apparel Industry

Thermal Effusivity influences the purchase of clothing, especially in athletic wear and outdoor sports apparel as the ability to keep warm or cool during activities is crucial.

other industries

Other Industries

Many industries use effusivity to create the perception of comfort for consumers.

Thermal Effusivity

Thermal Effusivity (W√s/m2K) is described as a materials ability to exchange heat with its surroundings. The feeling of warmth and coolness (thermal effusivity) of a touched material surface plays a key role in the perceived feeling of comfort, or the desired effect. This is an important field of measurement for consumer products, primarily with textiles, fabrics and solids.

TPS-EFF Sensor

other industry

2 and 10 second test times

The TPS-EFF can measure thin samples in 2 seconds and layered materials in 10 seconds.

other industry

Small Samples

Samples as low as 30 mm in diameter can be tested. No maximum size.

other industry

Compression, Humidity, and Temperature

When used with a compression stand and environmental chamber, the TPS-EFF has can measure the effect of compression and humidity and temperature of a materials thermal effusivity.

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